Anyone who works in the industry and has air vents involved should recognise the problem (and noise): air vents. They are really loud and sometimes even harmful to the hearing.
The solution is now here: vent silencer!

What does a vent silencer do?

Basically, a vent silencer cancels the noise pollution created by air vents. This way, everyone is able to concentrate and talk again. There are many more benefits to installing air vents, we will discuss that later in this article. The most important thing about a vent silencer is the fact that it preserves the operators hearing from any damage. In normal circumstances, operators are exposed to loud noises all the time. Some air vents can emit around 150 to 160 decibels!

Vent silencers contribute to the preservation of hearing

Like mentioned above, the opening of some air vents can cause up to 150 to 160 decibels of noise pollution. As you can imagine, this is very bad for the hearing of the operator. Starting from 80 decibels, hearing is damaged when exposed long enough. The louder the noise, thus higher dB, the more damage is done. So you can imagine what 150 dB does to the hearing.
By installing vent silencers, this possible damage is reduced. Vent silencers can bring down the noise pollution from 150 dB to 75 to 90 dB. In combination with ear protectors, this is quite safe for the operator. In addition to the fact that it will benefit the concentration and effectiveness of the operator is this worth the investment.

To every problem fits a vent silencer

There are multiple different sizes of silencers. Even if there is a size that doesn’t fit, there is a solution. Vent silencers can be custom made to fit all different kind of vents. So there is always a solution for your air vent installation.

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Vent silencer

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